Stents and Heart Disease

Posted on March 02, 2018

A stent is a heart disease treatment. It is inserted into narrowed coronary arteries to help keep them open and allow the flow of blood and oxygen reach the heart.

On MyHeartdiseaseTeam, the social network and online support group for those living with heart disease, members talk about a range of personal experiences and struggles. Stents are one of the top 10 topics most discussed.

Here are a few question-and-answer threads about stents:

How long do stents last?

Have you had your stents checked? How often?

Does anyone else have a stent in the LAD? Is it more serious than other locations?

Here are some conversations about stents:

My heart woke me up at 11:55.

I'm having an angiogram and maybe stents soon. The doctor is using new methods.

I have had 7 stents installed over the past 20 years.

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I'm sorry, Joni. You have so much on your plate... Hang in there and be strong! How old is your pup? Those surgeries are ridiculously expensive, and no… read more

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