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Does anyone have a an angina attack

Before I was hospitalized I was told I was having it

posted about 20 hours ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User

I ask because I have AFib as well and I really want to go to the hospital because I get in touch with my heart doctor

posted about 3 hours ago
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Can severe mitral valve regurgitation cause feeling of exhaustion even though there are no other symptoms

As intervention I have been advised to have either heart valve repair or replacement. Is this major considering I have no other symptoms apart from extreme fatigue. The problem is I also have Crohn's disease which could account for exhaustion. The cardiologist's description of operation was it was life threatening to have it and life threatening not to have it!! Such a compassionate person!!

posted 2 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User

Thank you. Very difficult to get second opinions in my area. Can't seem to get consultants . Seem to work with locums!

posted about 1 hour ago
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Why did it not work I was trying to go back to sinus rythem while I was still in the hospital.I have been cardioverted 3 times since then and I am back in flutter,they found out I had a blood clot in march so I did not get cardioverted and was put on major medication.

posted 4 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User

I feel for you. I hope and pray you convert. I just hate the A Fib episodes. They want to do an ablation. Been putting that off. My prayers are with… read more

posted 4 days ago
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Is chronic breathlessness normal everyday with heart disease and systolic heart failure?

Cardio doc says it's my heart failure but I don't know. Hard to believe maybe? I am not short of breath but breathless it's dam near daily allot if the time even without activity. And dam I'm exhausted but heart is clear if blockage. No energy and wore out walking 50 feet.just wondering

posted 9 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User

I be short of breath I can't lay flat it's worse at night

posted 2 days ago
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Is there anyone on here who has the problem listed below?

I am wondering if there is anyone here on the forum that has had a heart attack with a similar situation. I have one artery that is completely dead, 2 that are 100% blocked and the 4th is only open 20%. I am trying to deal with the constant fatigue and trying to reach some kind of baseline to feel better. Thanks for your inputs.

posted 10 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User
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MEDS Making Me Tired or Is it The Diagnosis

For 10 Yrs I have taken Ex Forge 10/160 for BP. And Plavix 75 MG daily. (No Side Effects I Thought). May 20th end up in the Hospital after experiencing shortness of breath, Chest Pain, HIgh HP, Dizziness. Four Nights of Echo, Stress, Angiogram and Blood Work. Went home on the 24th. On June 1st, BP still up there, they put me on a Water Pill. Double Exforge to 10/320 and put me on Motropol (Beta Blocker). Two weeks of Hell. Nausea, Dizziness, Headaches and Fatigue. On… read more

posted 12 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User

Yes I get the same symptoms and feel drained with low mood

posted 11 days ago
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Do other people have problems with low blood pressure, dizziness at times and trouble keeping your potassium levels high enough?

My blood pressure is low most days, low 90 to Mid 80's my meds make it hard to keep a good level of potassium, I try to eat right but end up feeling frustrated having to cook for just me. I end up snacking I know thats not good! How to cope??!

posted 23 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User

Yes I cannot afford a lot either thank you for this info! I had bought those before but it has been a while since I bought healthy choice...! Hope you… read more

posted 21 days ago
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Has anyone used the injections that lower cholesterol?

I am going to start taking Pralulent injections this week and hoping that they work as I cant take Statins.

posted 26 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User

I had quite a bit of aching muscles and pain with statins but found one that seems to work well with out as much or any stiffness and pain. Was happy… read more

posted 1 day ago
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Hi everyone new here so bear with me Back in May this year i had a second stent fitted since then i feel i have become very tired and sometimes struggle to get through the day Is this normal

posted about 1 month ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User

Hope things are starting to improve further. I had two stents fitted a couple of years ago and have managed to get active again and lose some of the… read more

posted 11 days ago
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