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Statins and muscle pain

I suffer from hyperlipidemia & familial high cholesterol, it is imperative I take my meds, Lipitor and Zetia. My muscle pain and weakness is deliberating. I was tested for the muscle and tissue breakdown and was negative yet I suffer from the soreness. I needed authorization for refill which took a week and another week bc the pharmacy failed to order my meds. In that week being off the meds, no more pain. I then tried all the natural supplements, same story...sore. No matter my diet,… read more

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What do you suggest for conserving energy during the holidays?

posted 3 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User
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Personally, I enjoy time to myself during the holidays.....so.......take some time to do something for you here and there during the holidays (as welll… read more

posted about 22 hours ago

Glucoid Remedial Aldostronysm

I'm wondering if anyone has any information on (GRA). Glucoid Remedial Aldostronysm is a genetic disorder when you're body produces too much prendisone (natural steroid). This is your fight or flight. In GRA it never shuts down. Causing major organs to become damaged due to lack of the body resting. Usually giving prendisone to trick the body into reverse of this steroid being produced. Ok so this is my knowledge and way to explain. I was tested through nephrologist Kendra Hendon… read more

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posted 12 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User
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because they might be able to give you some answers get checked for lupus and sojgrens they both have similar symtoms that you have and cause what you… read more

posted 11 days ago


See now where thete saying cholesterol has nothing to to with blocked arteries it's inflammation that causes it.
Makes you wonder what is the real cause ,this heart condition is mind boglean you just don't know what to believe, I was only 48 never drank and did smoke but not a lot was active and healthy no heart desase in my family apart from my father dieing at 76 from a heart attack. I'm baffled

posted 13 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User
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Normal, bc I was meal prepping and had been for over a year, but prior to I was a red meat, steak and cheese, pizza, caffeine poster child, however I… read more

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I take spirolactone 25mg2xdly. I also take carvedilol 25mg2xdly aspirin and diuretic. I don't have a question just a comment. When I don't take medicine my BP is round 180-2 over 110/140. My pulse is normal and I this medicine works for me.

posted 13 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User
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sorry abuthe mistakes just put in eye drops my eldest daughter who has been married 16 years name is kristy and youngest who is the mother of my two… read more

posted 11 days ago

What are some of your favorite holiday recipes using alternative ingredients?

posted 16 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User
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Easy Holiday Cookies
Makes 16 cookies
350 F for about 12 minutes until the edges are brown, bake on the middle rack of the oven
Line a rimmed baking… read more

posted 7 days ago

Do any of you still have shortness of breath despite meds?

I have been on diuretics, heart betas, blood pressure meds, but I still have shortness of breath when I walk more than 50 feet.

posted 23 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User
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yes i do hate it!

posted 4 days ago

Can having multiple shocks from defibrillator affect a person's memory or concentration after a heart attack?

During my heart attack, my heart stopped nine times. A defibrillator was used each time to get it started again. I'm close to five months from the time of my heart attack. I find I sometimes I have a hard time concentrating, can't quite find the words I'm looking for, and I'm forgetful. I'm wondering if the shocks may be the cause of this, if so, is it temporary? If it's not the cause...I have some more… read more

posted 24 days ago by A MyHeartDiseaseTeam User
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I saw my cardiologist. ...stress test was great, BP is great, cholesterol is where it should be , no diabetes. Sorry, but I don't accept your premise… read more

posted 13 days ago
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