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My doctor say I must only eat fish for very high cholesterol (50%)

posted August 14, 2022
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A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Thank you for the compliment I appreciate it. I think if you eat all fish diet you should swim really good LOL plus you'd be very very hungry. Again you need your carbs the veggies etc. I lost a ton of weight unintentionally. When I was heavy all I heard was lose weight lose weight lose weight by the doctors I went to my PCP I never thought I'd hear the words again she said cut back on your servings and your carbs so I told his girl that I don't have much of an appetite and I am eating on a child's plate actually it's a Disney plate LOL. I laugh so hard when I read his post on the portal which belongs to the hospital where you could email your doctor and he can email you. I plan on you may email him again and ask him why. I'm down to 87 lb. What in the world does he want. My blood sugar and blood pressure are under control. My gastroenterologist wants me to gain weight she would be horrified with the weight I am now. Because when I saw her last I was 90 lb. But I lost weight after the colonoscopy and endoscopy that was in June. I have due to upper GI problems a very poor appetite so I eat the best I can. What's laughable if I cut my portions I won't be eating anything. Fortunately when I get ridiculous information I used to get angry now I just laugh out loud. What I'm trying to say is if to give ice sounds ridiculous I meant advice sounds outrageous ignore it. That doesn't mean ignore all advice I'm not that way. But we do know right from wrong. But when it comes to diet you know we have to talk with each other and the doctors don't know everything I am really educated when it comes to diets and nutrition. Stay away from keto it seems that all the doctors are pushing it nowadays. Boy watch everybody jump on me. It can be dangerous. I've been doing a lot of reading about it. And they're using it for everything that ails you. Just fish no carbs sounds keto. I'm no expert nobody can live by fish alone LOL. Take care love Cynthia

posted August 24, 2022
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Cynthia426 you are a good writer and stick with your thought throughout the text and you can spell really well too. I just wanted to let you know I'm impressed.

posted August 22, 2022
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

My name is Cynthia 426 I read your post and for high cholesterol which I have also eating just fish is not enough it's a very poor diet. I hope he was kidding or he knows nothing about nutrition I have been on this way of life I am also a diabetic and have heart disease and going to a new cardiologist but I know my nutrition what you need is a high fiber lots of vegetables fruit low carbohydrates very low sugar stay away from sweets as you can cake cookies etc yes you can eat bread but high fiber bread. Forget about the keto diet or the Atkins diet. It's very unhealthy for you. A very well balanced diet or should I say way of life. Because you have to live with it probably for the rest of your life. For example I have chicken for dinner one night and fish the other. And that is my choice. I don't eat any red meat. But that is my choice. I also have gi problems and gallbladder problems. So I have to be so careful what I eat. But it hasn't changed very much from what I've always been eating. However I did enjoy chocolate once in awhile but I cannot eat it with my gastrointestinal problems. GERD is the pits. I do know what I'm talking about I am not a know-it-all however my cholesterol will not go down no matter what I do I am on zetia because I cannot take the statins. But if you can't take medication for your high cholesterol go for it. I have a family history of cholesterol and you can't change your family history. I lost a whole lot of weight unintentionally. Due to being sick. Now I am so thin but you think it helped my cholesterol any? Absolutely not. However I have done everything. But I'm going to continue with my way of life because it sure help my diabetes which I'm very grateful. So hang in there and I'll be thinking about you and you're in my prayers. Love Cynthia

posted August 19, 2022

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