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What Are Your Dx. Along With Heart Failure
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have quit a few dx. Some of them are
Sleep apnea
Renal failure
Low potassium
I'll post more as I think of them.

posted January 29
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A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Severe heart desease(genetic) 9 stents, quintrouple bipass, one vessels so packed with clots it's too dangerous to clear, heart attack, I was recently diagnosed with Eplilepsy and I'm bordering type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia, tia, you would never know it to see me. I look like the healthiest person you saw at 59

posted May 27
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Sleep Apnea (treated with auto CPAP)
Asthma (well-controlled)
Ebstiens anomaly (deformed tricuspid valve),
First-degree, AV block
WPW syndrome (ablated)
ASD repair with dacron patch
Aflutter - ablated
Implanted loop recorder
Macular degeneration wet in the right eye, dry in the left eye (right eye is being treated successfully)
Cataracts - both eyes
Osteo Arthritis
Wow, I sound like I am falling apart but actually, I am doing pretty well all things considered.

posted January 30
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

3 stents
Knee needs replaced
Skin so thin it burns, arms and legs
Back issues
Beginnings of dry macular degeneration
Occasional depression

posted June 14
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Oh yea I suffer with arthritis and asthma as well.

posted January 31
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

I do not have heart failure diagnosis. Arterial disease is all - had one blockage stented last month. Also have hypertension, lymphedema, high cholesterol, obesity, hypothyroidism and depression.

posted January 30

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