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A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

I am now due for my colonoscopy, my last one was five years ago, (had a small polyp) removed, since then I have developed heart issues, Dissection of an artery, CHF, (low EF), and had to have an ICD. I am afraid to be put to sleep for the procedure with the colonoscopy. Have anyone had their colonoscopy, with CHF and an ICD? Thanks.

posted July 13, 2022
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A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

I am so glad everything worked out good for you. I have lungs and some mild heart issues are what I call them. But I do have Right sided CHF and a heart murmur. Every time I have to go under it scares you know what out of me. As scared as I get it always comes out fine.

posted September 29, 2022
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Thank you, Cynthia, I had my colonoscopy last week, everything went well, no polyp this time🙂 I also had an endoscopy also, that found some light irritation, that was not an ulcer, it came from aspirin daily use, the medications can sometimes be a problem. I fell asleep so easy, the best sleep I have had in a while. That may be the sedation he used.

posted September 28, 2022
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

I had a colonoscopy in anesthesiologist anesthesiologiJune and I had Iv sedation or Twilight sleep which relaxes you but does not put you under. For this test at least in the Chicago area I live in Niles Illinois the anesthesiologist did not use a general anesthesia however I did fall asleep. It was a natural sleep I was even dreaming LOL. I was so surprised to wake up in the hospital I was dreaming I was at home. I didn't steal a thing and they also did a endoscopy at the same time. I am so glad I slept through the whole thing. You could ask them to use a light sedation that is heart friendly they should have it they have all kinds of different medications. That are used for sedation. You have to talk to your doctor. I have lots of health problems in lung problems epilepsy so they use them and anesthesia that was helpful to these problems and I came out okay. I hope this might helps. I wish you the best. Cynthia 4:26

posted September 28, 2022
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Praying that God will grant you peace, and a trouble-free procedure.

posted August 5, 2022
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Thanks jword63, my appt with nurse practitioner for pre colonoscopy is tomorrow, so colonoscopy won't be long after, I will ask about that prep, I now just want it over and Pray for a ok results ( that also is a anxious wait because of previous polyps).

posted August 4, 2022
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

I completed a Colonoscopy this Tuesday. My physcian prescribed the Gavilyte-C preparation solution with a lemon packet. This solution was not bad tasting and allowed full consumption if the 64 ounces. This worked very well, fairly gentle, and was not a harsh intake, or expell process, as with previous solutions (i.e. Phos Soda or Miralax mixes). I incurred no issues with either my heart during the preparation process, nor the actual Colonoscopy procedure. Though I was given an IV, it was only to receive the Anesthia, and I received no drip prior to or after the procedure.

posted August 4, 2022
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

I too am due for a colonoscopy but am now more concerned about hernia surgery with CHF

posted August 1, 2022
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Had a colonoscopy last month. I too was nervous about doing it since I had been diagnosed with CHF. Everything went well. Only hard part was the prep because my BP kept going up which worried me. They took very good care and it was the first time that they were able to wake me easily and me still be able to dress and walk myself to the bathroom. Take care

posted July 31, 2022
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

I have a hernia and am being scheduled for surgery. Yes, I’m scared cuz I have CHF. Severe Regurgitation of the mitral valve and LVH.
All your msgs were very comforting. Thank you

posted July 28, 2022
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Hi Denise927,
I take Spironolactone which is a potassium sparing Aldactone. It removes fluid from my system differently.

posted July 26, 2022

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