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How Low Is Everyone’s EF And Has It Improved
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member asked a question 💭

Would like to know peoples EF and if they have improved.

posted August 22, 2019
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A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

I had my heart attack on Nov 2nd 2018. My Dr told me my EF was 35. I didn’t understand that at the time but I remember him telling me I needed to be higher. I think he had told me at least 50s? I had an Echocardiogram about a month ago and he said I was a success story as it was 60! I was so happy and proud! I think from doing cardio rehab religiously 3 times a week for an hour each time along with watching what I eat has helped! I keep working on it and am happy with my results!

posted August 22, 2019
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

My ejection fraction was around 10% when they put me on entresto and through a combination of exercise and diet I now am up over 45% within 90 days of using entresto.

posted April 2, 2021
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

My EF was at 20 in 2014, and I was diagnosed with heart failure.I was given a ICD, put on blood thinners because of AF, and Ammodarone for rythm, and metoprolol,.Anyway the good news my EF slowly improved, and a few weeks ago it was 68.Normal is 50 to 70 so take heart, I thought I was doomed , but I can tell you to stay optimistic, there is hope

posted July 5, 2020
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

I went from 20 to 65

posted September 10, 2019
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Just got my results from my echo and I'm up from 35 to 45 EF . I'm taking Entresto and it seems to be helping.

posted September 1, 2019

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