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A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have been experiencing more trouble breathing..not like my asthma...and my kidney egfr has been dropping significantly since chf diagnosis sept 2017. Dropped to 40 moderate kidney disease ..very concerning. On max dose of entresto, side effects have worsened ejection fraction is between 50 and 55 this ...ejection fraction plateaued on middle dosage of entresto..and dud not improve after doubling to the highest dose...Anybody out there who feels given kidney effects that their dosage us too… read more

posted May 6, 2019
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A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Thanks very good to know..i am basically on that dosage I am tablet splitting the highest dose ejection fraction reached its peak on the 49/51 dose.. 50 to 55 a year ago never improved any further after doubling to 97/103... given the increased risk of Alzheimer's and macular degeneration and steady kidney decline..i felt I had to follow my gut and reduce the dosage.....Want to see if echo this June shows a decrease in ef..taking less has certainly helped my kidneys....Hope you can find something that will help to stop your kidney slide...maybe cut back on diuretics and keep hydrated and avoid any other meds if possible that impact the kidney negatively....research research research!!! Don.t wait for your doctor to tell is your body and you have to live with the consequences...big hug to you today

posted May 10, 2019
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Margaret koltz, did your ef improve? How long did you stay on life vest? I was on life vest for 7 mo., my ef was 20-25 went to 36 percent.

posted July 9, 2020
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Its breathless..So sorry to hear of your troubles..i have never had heart surgery..
My heart failure is improving..i don.t think you ever get over it...
I won.t get another echo for a year when I see my
The dyes they use in catheterization impact the kidneys do diuretics and a huge number of drugs...i hope it is not the entresto doing it to ef is double I can.t offer advice other than what I have already written about....
I am still taking the liquid magnesium called REMAG..only one magnesium that is safe for the kidneys as its molecules are so helps with a tremendous number of issues....Please look into it..
Magnesium deficiency is a huge causal problem for heart issues, kidney stones and even diabetes problem
I have to go in a month to get my electrolytes checked and hopefully doctor will agree to test for kidney egfr again..
I watch my resting heart rate closely as it is as important as bp..lots of research articles out there on chronic elevation of resting heart rate and longevity..
It's good you are seeing your doctor..
I know kidney decline is scary...
Do lots of research before you see the doctor. I believe my kidneys were worsened by the entresto...thats why I cut back on mine...the doctor was not happy I cut back on it and my bisoprolol..but I had wiggle room as I had may jot have that luxury.
Doctors just focus on their area of study and it's easy to blame chf on kidney decline...even novartis admits it is a side effect for some...keep doing research so you know what to say to your specialist and not slip through the cracks.

I did and decided that ultimately it is my life and I can.t just live on the couch too tired to do anything...i had to act because my doctor was not acting on it...
God Bless and give you his wisdom on how to proceed...

posted July 21, 2019
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

With reading your comments it has me wondering about my kidney function. When I first got sick my kidneys were at 60. Within one month and that is taking ALL the meds they gave me it went down to 50. But the Tim I had my last catheration is was in the 30’s. This is what I’m not liking. Seems the kidneys were fine. But when I question it I’m told it is due to my heart failure. Now I’m on the highest dose in enteresto. So I’m wondering what my kidneys r now. Breathless have you had any heart surgeries. Also I heard if the heart fraction is at 50 that isn’t too bad. Last I knew mine is at 25%. I asked to have another echo done. The heart Dr responded to say WHY,,, it’s only a test. Exactly. Then WTH did I have 2 echos before. Sometimes I swear they get kickbacks on things including operations. I’m still on the life vest. Was suppose to have the internal Defibrillator put in last Dec 2018. Then as I prep myself for that surgery the heart Dr changed his mind. Saying I should have the by pass first then the defibrillator. Honestly I feel like not having any surgery. And it will be what it is. I’m already getting sick of having health issues. It’s only been over one year. Hope to god I don’t need dialisis. Not happening Sorry for the vent

posted July 20, 2019
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

I’ve been on Entresto for 6 months at medium dosage of 49/51. It brought my EF into safe/normal range. I take 1 in morning, 1 at night w/o major symptoms. It’s been remarkable for my HF & I watch for kidney issues & swelling.

posted July 18, 2019

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