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Getting Worse
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have heart failure with low ejection fraction, and also low blood pressure , so a lot of medication is not available to me to use . Does anyone take medication that doesn’t mess with your pressure? I just seem to be getting worse . Don’t know if this is it,or what to ask for or who to see. Frustrated and short off breath .

posted March 30
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A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

Thank you ! I went through 3 months of the vest due to insurance issues also . I would also recommend that you get a defibrillator implant also if available . They are a good option even if they never go off . The alternative is a very poor outcome. Quick out patient procedure, no real recovery time . I wish you the very best and may God Bless .

posted March 31
A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member

I am new here, so do not have any answers. I just got the results of an echocardiogram and at age 56 my ejection fraction is 25-30%. I feel I have just had 10-15 years taken from the end of life, and hope this number will get better with all the lifestyle changes I have been facing since January. I generally feel good, but wear a "Life Vest" defibrillator, and facing a possible implant. I am one stressed dude (which is NOT good for my heart). I wish for you the best.

posted March 31

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