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Prinzmetal (not sure of spelling) angina

Prinzmetal (not sure of spelling) angina

I have Variant angina or heart spasm where the heart muscle spasms and clamps down the width of the heart vessels just like what would happen if the vessels were blocked with plac. This chest pain never shows up on a EKG but it is real and very annoying because it lasts for hours sometimes and goes up my neck and to the roof of my mouth or into my jaw and teeth. I am now on a long acting nitro glycerin pill that really helps but sometimes the pain is there but not as bad.… read more

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A MyHeartDiseaseTeam Member said:

Yeah my veins are so clogged that after the stent collapsed Dr tried putting another one in but to no avail groan, wrist and arm were so clogged. So not… read more

posted 3 months ago
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